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 HNFAS Conference Room Usage Guidelines

Reserving the room:

Room reservations are for weekdays only - Monday thru Friday, from 7:45am - 4:30pm.

Please refer to HNFAS web page http://agsci002.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ for room availability.

Please email the  HNFAS Office at hnfas@ctahr.hawaii.edu to reserve a room.

Once the room is reserved, please see someone in Ag. Sci. 216 to unlock the door.

Upkeep of the room:

Please leave the room in the same arrangement as you find it.  Move any table or chairs back to their original places.

Person(s) reserving room is responsible for cleaning it up. If food or drinks are consumed in the room, the trash needs to be taken to the dumpster (loading dock in the back of the building) for disposal.  HNFAS does not supply anything - person(s) using the room need to bring their own garbage bags and supplies.  Any spills need to be cleaned up.

Before leaving the room, turn off the lights and make sure the door is locked.  If the dimmer switch is used, be sure to turn it off completely (It clicks off).

General Information:

Ag. Sci. 202:

Capacity = 10 people
1 6'x8' motorized projector screen.
1 large white board (please bring own dry erase markers)
1 Data jack
1 Campus cable jack
Speaker phone available for HNFAS faculty and staff only.  If the speaker phone is required, please sign out for and abide by the speaker phone usage policies under the equipment sign out web page

Ag. Sci. 219:

Capacity = 40 people
Instructions for the A/V cabinet are inside the cabinet
  Similar to
  Ag. Sci. 220
1 2.8 GHz Athlon II x64 PC, 6G RAM, with Windows 7 Home Premium, MS Office 2003 with PowerPoint 2010 Viewer
1 Dell 5100MP 3300 Lumen, SXGA+ (1400x1050)  Data Projector
1 WiFi Router
1 VGA input cable to LCD projector for laptops, video presenter, etc.
1 VCR with front panel A/V jacks
1 TV tuner with campus cable
1 Overhead projector
1 6'x8' motorized projection screen
speakers in ceiling
1 large white board (please bring own dry erase markers)
1 UH Campus 100 mbs Ethernet jack


   Usage Guidelines
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